F.A.Qs and templates

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F.A.Qs and templates

Post by Gunblader on Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:22 pm

Please post any questions here.

Faction information:

Faction name
Known tech
Ship designs(total cost and stats)

Turn Format:

Vakuu Empire----------Faction Name
200 Credits/100 Gas/100 metal/100 research---------starting resources for turn

20 GB placed at Capital shipyard 1 in Deep Core 1--ship/base placement(ships can only be placed where they were built)

Deep Core 1:------------------Current holdings/Base list
1 Capital shipyard
1 small station
20 GB

Building/Purchases:-----------All purchases. Bases, ships, research etc etc. Ship cost comes from ship designs.
1 small station----100 credits, 25 gas, 25 metal

Movement:-----Ship movements, if ships do not end in a system, list it as in transit and state which dot it is on.
Moving 20 GB from deep core 1 to deep core 2. 1 movement consumed, 1 movement left.

Diplomacy:-----------Make treaties, declare war, etc etc.
Everyone sucks!!!!!!!

Final locations:----List system amounts and income generated by bases. Systems with only ships in them do not list amounts:
Deep Core 1(20 M, 20 G):
1 Capital shipyard
1 small station(25 C, 25 R)

Deep Core 2:
20 GB

Income:-----Add numbers above to get income. Remember one source of system income per base in system
25 C/25 R/40 M/40 G

End Turn resources:---Add income to resources left over after purchases
125 C/125 R/115 M/ 115 G

Copy and Paste these template to use for game.


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